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  • Alumino Thermic Welding and Railtech

    Alumino Thermic welding involves obtaining steel from a mixture of aluminium and iron oxide and casting it at over 2000oC in a refractory mould that matches the rail profile. It gives exceptional results, enabling a smooth and continuous rail. Thermic welding is popular with many rail networks as the equipment for the task is easily transportable, there is no need for an external power source and the finished weld is expected to last the life of the rail.

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  • Weld Inspection

    As part of our welding service, we offer you the option of having our qualified weld inspectors visit the site and provide a report on the work carried out. The inspections are performed to Network Rail standards and form part of our commitment to supplying an efficient, high quality service.

    Our teams are fully trained in all of the above forms of welding, and are happy to use the method that best suits your needs. For further details or to discuss a project, contact Inline Track Welding on 01622 854730.

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  • Manual Metal Arc welding

    Another popular welding process, Manual Metal Arc welding, uses an electrode from which an arc is drawn to the work piece. It is widely used due to its flexibility, particularly for repairs on switch and crossing components.

    Conductor Rail welding
    Inline Track Welding also carries out conductor rail welding for third rail renewal projects and maintenance.

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Track welding services in the UK

Inline Track Welding delivers a range of first class track welding services to railway contractors across the UK and Ireland. Our skilled teams use the latest equipment to complete a wide variety of projects to a high standard, ensuring you experience minimal disruption to your service.

Since our inception in 1991 we have built a reputation for providing comprehensive welding and support to the rail networks on a 24/7 basis. We offer several types of infrastructure welding such as Thermit, Railtech, Manual Metal Arc, Flux Core Arc Welding, Conductor Rail and Weld Inspection. Our teams can be flexible to suit the requirements of each project, whether large or small.

Delivering a high standard of welding

We understand how important it is to keep Britain’s rail networks operating smoothly and safely. As such, our teams are fully trained to meet Network Rail standards, and are frequently assessed to ensure they deliver the highest possible quality of work.

We have our own purpose built training facility which enables us to keep up with the continued changing initiatives and technologies being introduced to the industry. It also enables us to maintain our staff with a high level of skills and to train new employees to a high standard.

We also provide training for staff to other track welding companies nationwide. We are at present applying for NSARE accreditation.

For more information on our track welding services in the UK, contact us today on 01622 854730 and for training 01622 854730