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"Welding the rail networks together"

Inline Track Welding began in 1991 as a single team of two men, and has grown over the past two decades into one of the UK’s leading providers of welding services. We operate across the UK and have also lent our skills to projects in Ireland and Hong Kong.

We currently employ eight multi skilled teams that provide round-the-clock support to the rail networks, we are fully equipped to handle a wide variety of projects.

Our core values

At Inline Track Welding we believe we have a moral as well as a commercial obligation to each and every client. As such, we are committed to providing regular training for our staff and constantly monitor the quality of their work to make sure we deliver a standard of service that exceeds expectations. We welcome customer feedback and are always willing to adapt our services to changing needs.

We also believe that our employees work best when their needs are being met. It is essential to us that we give our teams a healthy and safe work balance and provide a positive environment for all staff. As a result, our teams have developed strong relationships that enable them to work effectively together.